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Show Notes

Opening Discussion
Buying a TV – Following a caller last week from Patty, I wanted to research a bit more and try to write a better overview of all things TV – So you can access that right here on Your Tech Life

Caller: Tania
Getting a Smartphone through work – iPhone or Blackberry – Very difficult to call.
Consider these things
Do you send lots of emails and text messages – Blackberry beats iPhone
Do you want to browse websites a lot – iPhone beats Blackberry
Are you interested in Games and Applications – iPhone beats Blackberry
Do you want to have control of your ‘data’ spend each month – Most Blackberry plans beat the iPhone as they are Unlimited
Do you want it to listen to music? – iPhone beats Blackberry, but it’s not a deal breaker, Blackberry has a great media player.

Check all these things in store with your Telco, and also, PLAY WITH THEM – see how it’s going to be typing on your new phone

Caller: Paul

Trying to use his E71 Nokia phone to listen to Internet Radio.

Nokia have an Internet Radio application, however it doesn’t show 2GB.  Paul entered the 2GB streaming data, but it still won’t work.

It’s likely to be the format in which the application needs you to stream in, so might not work.  Will follow up with Nokia during the Week.

Paul also, as a side note can receive DAB+ in Bulla Burra near Katoomba – very good to hear.

Website; Design your Christmas Tree
Coles online have a Decorate your Christmas Tree Website – worth checking out for a bit of fun.

Caller: George
Lives in Murray Bridge, South Australia.  Listening online.

Does Digital Radio work in Murray Bridge or is it coming?

Unfortunately it’s not available in regional areas.  The Radio Industry is working to have Digital Radio Trials in Regional Areas very soon.  However after that the Government needs to allocate spectrum in all these regional areas.

It could be that Australia adopts another Digital Technology for REgional areas – such as DRM instead of DAB+

Caller: Nita
Thanks for recommending Dial-A-Tech.  Had a technician TONY out today, helped Nita fix her computer.

Anyone interested in having Dial-A-Tech help them fix their computer, or maintain the computers in their business – contact Dial A Tech on 1300 669 202 or

Caller: Geoff
Has a USB kit to transfer films from VHS to his computer, then burn to DVD.  However, the image on the DVD is grainy and a bit staggery.

@frankster73 recommends:  The guy with the VHS/DVD might wanna check to see if he’s capturing at the right bitrate. Less than 5000kbps just looks bad.

I would think that it could be that Geoff’s 5 year old computer is struggling to keep up with things. Worth seeing if it can be upgraded.

Discussion: Black Friday Sales (20mins in)
Apple in Australia is offering a once a year special TOMORROW Friday 27th November – goto for details – ONE DAY ONLY!

Caller: Peter
Has a Toshiba laptop – can it be upgraded?

Upgrading Laptops is expensive, and with all the new technology – it’s really worthwhile saving and looking to get a whole new Laptop.

Also, Peter was after a recommendation for a good Underwater Camera.

My suggestion is to check out the Olympus Range.  Great Cameras.

Even better is the Sanyo Xacti Waterproof which does Video too, great for Peter who also does SKYDIVING!

Caller: Don

Has a Blackberry – the trackball has frozen – cant move up and down.

Common problem.  Try going to one of those simple mobile repair shops in shopping centres that do mobile repairs.  It’s actually a very easy job.

Another option is to dab some rubbing alcohol on it, wipe it around, and let it dry, might loosen things up.

and emailer George Says:


Love the show,
The name of the alcohol used to clean i.e. mouse roller is isoprobyl alcohol, i believe it’s available at chemists.



Discussion: Touch Screens are the Future – (28 mins in)

I have three great products, Fujitsu Lifebook, and Asus EeePC Netbook both have Touchscreen, so you don’t need to use the mouse to CLICK it’s so much easier just to tap the screen.

Also, i’ve tried a WACOM BAMBOO which replaces you mouse.  Its the size and look of a Mouse Pad, but you use it to control your screen.

Full reviews on all that soon right here on Your Tech Life

Caller: Bob
What’s the Difference between HD and FULL HD – Click here for all the details

Caller: Kathy

Looking at a laptop – Would a Macbook Pro be good?

Kathy wants to do Photo and Movie editing.

For me, the Macbook will be FANTASTIC for these two things.

Thanks to everyone, a busy show, contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for me or any callers.