Wow, this is huge news, is Google’s own YouTube dropping support for Google’s very own BROWSER – Chrome?

Appears that way, when I visit YouTube in my browser – which, happens to be Google Chrome.

I get this message:

On March 13, we are dropping support for your browser. You’ll still be able to watch videos after that date, but new features may not work properly.

There must be 50 ways to leave your browser—here are 5:

Youtube Drops Chrome Support?

Youtube Drops Chrome Support?

So, yes, this is extreme, and an over-reaction on my part, because as you can see, Google Chrome is clearly a supported browser.

For me, clearly, I’m running an old version.  Problem is, the average user doesn’t know this, instead they will look at this confused.

Luckily, Google Chrome is used by very very few people, mainly tech people anyway – who would be keeping it up to date.  It keeps itself up to date in the ‘background’ however, for me, on a corporate PC behind a firewall that doesn’t happen.  So – welcome to shock territory.

Look, it’s very simple – Internet Explorer 6 and many other variants are dead to developers – for good reason – however, tech giants and especially those with direct contact with Millions of people each and every day REALLY need to work on their communication skills.

There is far too much tech to tech communication out there – do Tech people not realise that there are AVERAGE USERS out there!

So frustrating…