A year and a half since the last update to the highest performance iPad Model, the iPad Pro, Apple has this morning announced a refresh of the range with strong power and performance updates at the heart of the new model

When Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced today’s Apple Event he said it was “The biggest day for iPad since it’s introduction” – sounded like an overstatement, but with the iPad Pro announcement it really is a huge leap forward.

Apple has skipped the M3 processor, due to come to iPad Pro if the upgrade cycle was followed directly.  Instead, Apple revealed today the M4 Apple Silicon, offering staggering performance capabilities and power efficiency.

In fact, the M4 processor can unleash the same performance as the M2 Silicon using half the power.

But it’s not just under the hood where this blows away the existing models.

Apple has introduced OLED to the iPad Pro, but not just OLED.  Apple say that a single OLED panel simply couldn’t produce the brightness to warrant their XDR label and meet the standards expected of the iPad Pro.

Instead, they doubled down, literally.  Two OLED panels are sandwiched together to ensure the brightness meets expectations, so much so Apple is calling it “Ultra Retina XDR” and it’s on both iPad Pro models. Apple call the underlying technology Tandem OLED.

This new technology in the screen allows the design to change, and as a result, Apple’s thinnest ever product – the iPad Pro 13 inch is just 5.1mm thick.  The 11 inch is 5.3mm.

A new True-Tone flash on the camera array makes scanning documents with the camera far greater quality too.

Like the iPad Air, the front-facing camera is also moved to the longer landscape side, along with FaceID

Staggering design, performance and capabilities.

Australian pricing for iPad Pro:

  • iPad Pro 11-inch (WiFi) from $1,699
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (WiFi + Cellular) from $2,049
  • iPad Pro 13-inch (WiFi) from $2,199
  • iPad Pro 13-inch (WiFi + Cellular) from $2,549

iPad Pro will be available in Silver and Space Black.

Trevor Long travelled to London as a guest of Apple