Worryingly for Apple, yet another pre-release leak of it’s new 4th Generation iPhone (iPhone HD?) has hit the internet.

This time a vietnamese website (taoviet.vn) has the phone, and has pulled it all apart, and posted a video.

I’ve had the video translated so you can get an understanding of what’s being said

(click Continue Reading to see the video and read the translation)

Timecode at the start of the line, followed by translation:

0:06 – This is iphone Phuong from  Nam Phuong brought back.

0:19 – It may look smaller but it’s quite long it’s only shorter in width.

0:27 –  It’s very strong, front and back has a mirror cover, the camera has a flash, this has 16G memory.

0:48 – the front you see another camera next to the front speakers this is the one switch.

0:58 – This new machine is longer but narrower, there are two switches on the left, on off and volume, the volume switches are different because they round and separate.

1:17 – Here is the SIM case, underneath there are two speakers for stereo sound. Here we can’t see how you can open it up.

1:46 – You can see the screen is frozen. I think Apple has given a code and if you don’t put the code it it’s locked.

2:05 – As you can see the width is thinner by 4mm.  So it’s a bit longer than normal.  The screen is probably similar, this machine is thinner.  To hold it’s very rigid and could be less comfortable.

2:45 – On the right side is the sim slot

3:13 – The back is very strong, this new iphone heavier is much more rigid and than the old iphone it’s more masculine and contemporary.


It’s quite troubling for Apple that this could happen to them twice for a single device.  I’m tipping some changes in policy are going to hit the ground over there.