Netflix is kicking goals, it is the Band-Aid of streaming content in our living rooms. Stan has arrived at a close second with some stunning content too. Documentaries appear on both of these services in some capacity however it’s somewhere between Desperate Housewives and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

There are many people out there who love their documentaries, they feed on the real deal, the true stories, the real people, real experiences and entertaining education. The Doco Pack for Foxtel will cost you $10 per month on top of your existing Foxtel subscription. So, now there is DocPlay, you’ll want to try this.

Developed by an Australian company for Australians, this service is available in a free option and a paid option.

Not EVERYTHING lives on DocPlay yet…

The free option has some ad support and a smaller catalogue while the paid option expands the content list dramatically, which is growing daily.

An F1 documentary? We’re sold.

The content is global though, featuring documentaries from all corners of the globe while still having plenty of hard to find Australian series. DocPlay is also available on multiple devices in multiple forms, so accessibility won’t be a huge problem at all.

With the school holidays in play, this might be the perfect time to cancel the Doco pack on Foxtel and try DocPlay, or just try the free version and consume it at your leisure.