Apple’s “Magical” new iPad goes on sale in just over 48 hours here in Australia, and for those of you thinking you want one… Some thoughts and advice…

If you really wanted one – Like me – you’d have pre-ordered one on May 10.  People who did this will receive their iPad by courier on Friday.  Simple as that.

For those who didn’t get their pre-orders in so soon, until now the shipping advice has been that your purchase will ship on June 7.  However as of this morning the Apple website shows shipping date as “June” – with no specific date.  The optimist in me says this means it could ship on June 1, however the realist knows that it’s likely to be further into June than that! possibly even later than June 7.

iPad pre-orders out to 'June' sometime

iPad pre-orders out to 'June' sometime

So, if you can’t wait – where should you go on Friday?

Well there is the obvious choice – the Sydney City Apple store on George St (Cnr King St) which opens at 8am Friday.  Sure fire bet there will be a reasonable stock level there.  However there will also be a queue.  It won’t be ridiculous, but expect tens of people, perhaps a hundred.

Next choice is Bondi Junction.  Brand new store, opening for the first time on that very day (May 28), and again at 8am.  Due to the attention on this store, you can again expect good stock levels, after all, Apple want to see images of people walking out the store with iPad’s on the TV news.

Then there are the other Apple Retail stores, most open at 9 (9.30 Chatswood).  All good options too.

However, for a dark horse, keep your eye on Harvey Norman.  My information is that Harvey Norman have a large stock of iPad’s coming, and while I’m not sure, I think you’ll find they have the most of the major retaillers so might be your best bet for iPad shopping on Friday if an early morning start is not possible.

Anything after Friday might be difficult though, if you happen to Jag an iPad in store on Saturday – let me know where!