You’ve spent a thousand dollars on your new laptop and need to carry it in something. Here is one that looks good and won’t cost you the earth. This is the Fitzroy Satchel from Toffee.



In the past I have used leather bags, since I’m younger than 50 years old it made sense that I stop doing that. The Fitzroy is a waxed canvas bag which is water resistant with some great touches of leather. The straps and buckles add great style while securing the bag fantastically. Wearing this to the office worked well in business clothes and even better on casual Friday. It’s a sexy look.



Looking good is one thing, but how does it fare in actually carrying my items around? Really well actually. Before you open the satchel there is a pocket on the back (faces your thigh when carrying) which is small enough to be discreet but large enough to store your smartphone, a nice touch – especially if you have skinny jeans and can’t fit your phone in your pocket. Open the satchel though and you’re immediately surprised, more leather finishes and a beautiful plaid interior. The whole bag is padded to protect your goods and has various compartments. One compartment large enough to fit a Macbook Pro 15inch, another compartment to fit your iPad nice and snug and more space for items like your charger, notepad etc. It fit everything in nicely and kept all my gadgets protected.



This Australian company is producing a wide range of accessories for you. They’re of a high quality yet don’t charge the earth either. The materials are absolutely premium and the design of the products is what really impresses. This satchel had all the compartments I needed and in a package that felt premium enough for my expensive tech items.