Telstra really hit the mark when they announced their iPad pricing early, receiving some very good comments regarding the price levels, something Telstra is normally unfamiliar with.

Optus then hit back, with similar pricing, but a point of difference which had the option of longer term data, rather than 30 day expiry.

Finally, Vodafone have released their prices, just days before the iPad drops in stores – and they too have come to the party with a point of difference – an unlimited plan. For $49.95 you’ve got unlimited data – similar to the plans the US are getting through AT&T, except not as cheap:)

So, which one will you be getting?

For me, I’m going to kick it off with Telstra – grab a $30 starter pack, and the SIM is mine, so if I choose to swap around to another telco, I can re-charge the Telstra SIM should I need it for better access in regional areas where Next G simply smashes the opposition.

The Optus 6 month plan is very attractive, at just under $9 per gig, it’s a reasonable deal. Optus have the most competitive plan (excluding the Voda Unlimited plan) at $7 per gig, for the 60 day expiry $70 for 10 Gig.

I think trying the Vodafone service and reception in your area would be worthwhile if you’re keen on the unlimited plan, but if you have WiFi at home, I think unlimited might be a bit wasted frankly.

Questions to ask yourself and your telco before you buy is ‘what happens to unused data’ – will it roll over if I top up, will it roll over as a block of data or an amount of value (complex and confusing!!)

We shall soon see!

Full plans below with price per gig calculated:

(ive merged all data into this, including any ‘bonus data’ you get with your re-charge)

PriceGBExpiryPrice per GB
$ 30330 Days$ 10.00
$ 151.515 Days$ 10.00
$ 20215 Days$ 10.00
$ 30430 Days$ 7.50
$ 40530 Days$ 8.00
$ 50630 Days$ 8.33
$ 701060 Days$ 7.00
$ 809186 Days$ 8.89
$ 1001360 Days$ 7.69
$ 1301560 Days$ 8.67
PriceGBExpiryPrice per GB
$ 20130 Days$ 20.00
$ 30330 Days$ 10.00
$ 60630 Days$ 10.00
$ 80930 Days$ 8.89
$ 1001230 Days$ 8.33
PriceGBExpiryPrice per GB
$ 100.2530 Days$ 39.80
$ 15130 Days$ 14.95
$ 30430 Days$ 7.49
$ 50Unlimited30 Days
$ 1006180 Days$ 16.67
$ 150121 year$ 12.50