If you ask me, Optus were caught on the hop today when Telstra announced their Pre-Paid iPad data pricing.

Optus have confirmed to APC Mag (and subsequenty by email to me) that they will offer Month-to-Month plans as well as pre-paid for the iPad. However there is no sign of an official announcement which makes me think today’s Telstra announcement took them by surprise.

(More details and pricing press ‘continue reading’)

Not sure that’s all that exciting given once you hit your plan limit you’ll either be out of use, or paying extra for data.  However, it’s the entry level that will ge the competition going – $20 with Optus gets you 2GB double what Telstra are offering.

Monthly Access Fee Data
$20 2GB
$30 3GB
$60 8GB

BUT, can Optus hack the data on their already congested Network.  Real life tests will soon show us that come iPad release date on May 28.

So, VHA (Vodafone) what’s your approach? Unlimited?