I don’t think missing a bill is the problem for most people – It’s knowing that it’s coming up that’s the issue. Hopefully the Get Reminded app can help with that and perhaps even save you some money.

We wrote about this over a year ago and I don’t know about you but some of those monthly payments and even annual payments have just kept on coming out without any one in the family questioning them.

By putting your bill info into the Get Reminded app you’re able to literally “Get Reminded” about upcoming bills that could trigger you to pickup the phone and find a better deals.

View of upcoming reminders in the Get Reminded App

Sydney Nurse Rachel James used Get Reminded to save over $2,000 in a year.

Now that’s not coming from some ad funded annoying spam email system which targets you – it’s really more subtle and simple than that.

Get Reminded might be the prompt you need to call up your electricity provider to check you’re not paying too much.

Setup screen for a new reminder in the Get Reminded app

Rather than just letting your home insurance renew, perhaps it’s worth checking in?

Putting all your bills in might also prompt you to realise just how much you are spending – another great trigger.

Get Reminded app showing in a smartphone with bills listed

Get Reminded doesn’t sell your data to companies to then target you, in fact Get Reminded know very little about you.

Instead, their advertiser model allows companies to suggest deals or offers to you within the app. It’s really quite simple.

Most of the time, the better deal, the easiest saving is just calling your current provider.

So who’s up for the challenge – install the app, enter all your bills and let us know how much fat you can trim from the costs in this coming year?

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