It’s no secret I’ve been chained to my Blackberry for a very long time – it’s like my first child (well not really, but the analogy is required for this article), I couldn’t go without it – I love it.

So, Blackberry Storm (version 1) was a bit of a Fail in my opinion – just didn’t hit the mark, for many reasons.

Then 23 months ago, I signed up for a “new” 3G iPhone – wow, what a device.  But nope, couldn’t handle the typing on a screen – I needed that real keyboard.  So the iPhone went to my wife, and after two accidents involving a 2 year old and the iPhone and two subsequent insurance claims, the iPhone was a shelf model used for entertainment while travelling.

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Storm2, HTC Desire, iPhone 3G

So, given the chance to test three in one go – how do they rate?

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