“Shipping May 28” – “pre-order now” – two things Apple iPad ‘wanters’ have been waiting to see..

This morning just before 5am they became a reality.

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The pre-order store went up in peices, around 4am the iPad pre-order pages went up, however choosing your model and size led you to a ‘page not found’. Before 5 that was fixed, and shopping was a breeze.

Accessories are the next step – availability and pricing are as follows:

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock [Add A$ 89.00]
Apple iPad Dock [Add A$ 39.00]
Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit [Add A$ 39.00]
Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter [Add A$ 39.00]
Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter [Add A$ 39.00]
Apple Wireless Keyboard [Add A$ 99.00]
MobileMe [Add A$ 89.00]
MobileMe Family Pack [Add A$ 149.00]
iPad – AppleCare Protection Plan – Auto-Enroll [Add A$ 129.00]

So, let’s go shopping!

iPad pre-orders not yet ready (Midnight Monday)

iPad pre-orders commence

iPad pre-orders - Choose your size and model

iPad pre-orders - Oops, too soon, they're still working on it

iPad pre-orders - Accessorise

iPad pre-orders - Checkout