Recently I had a small rant about what on earth you’d spend $40 million on. That was after two lucky Aussies divided up the $80 million Lotto jackpot. Now Powerball has come along with a massive $110 million jackpot, after eight weeks of no division one winners.

If one person manages to nail the numbers, it will become the largest windfall ever. My earlier concerns about a kind of “sudden wealth syndrome” still apply, but like you I’ll be having a crack anyway.

But given none of us will win I thought why not dream at least, but still score a consolation prize courtesy of the EFTM prize cabinet. 

We want to hear how you’d spend the cash, or at least some of it. All you have to do is name what you’d buy when it comes to Tech, Cars and Lifestyle which is what we do here at EFTM.

So put your thinking caps on for us, the top three entries we deem most creative will score a gift on us. Once again what’d you buy in the Tech, Cars and Lifestyle space. Enter via the comments below this Facebook post and and start dreaming!