A few times I’ve been asked to talk about Facebook and the vile things that can go on in some discussion groups or ‘walls’ on Groups and Pages on Facebook.

This week, I appeared on A Current Affair looking at the ‘hate’ group surrounding a contestant in the TV show Masterchef.

Tonight, I’ve found a ‘wall’ that proves why I think Facebook needs to introduce a whole new level of control. Moderation.

Read on for more….I noticed one of my Friends on Facebook ‘Like’ the ‘Julia Gillard’ page on facebook – so I popped over to have a look.  Looks to me like an official page, carrying transcripts of her speeches and things – but I could be wrong – regardless, my point here stands.

On this page, there are free and open posts from ‘others’ – that is people that ‘like’ the page.

WARNING – Foul language here:

Post on the Julia Gillard Facebook page.

So.. what do you think? Is this acceptable?

I don’t think so.

The problem here is, there is only a few controls a ‘page’ owner can have.  You either have the page open to all, or open only to people after they are approved to join – even then, they can post freely.

I think facebook need to look at a moderated post option, which would mean that someone needs to read and approve any post before it is published.  That would surely prevent the kind of thing you see above.

It’s a minor thing, but really, its the only way to stop complete idiots posting crap like this.