A lot of people these days carry their own water bottle around and you have a drawer or cupboard full of drink bottles that over time stopped getting used because they get a bit smelly. Thanks to Quartz that problem has been taken care of with their self cleaning and instant water purification drink bottle.

At the touch of a button on the lid, the Quartz bottle kills 99.9999% of harmful and odor causing bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds. The bottle self activates every four hours to keep both your bottle and water free of germs. An added feature is the “adventure mode” that gives an extra dose of cleaning power for when it’s needed most. One charge will give you about two to three months of use and doesn’t require any filter replacements or cleaning.

To kill all those nasty germs, the Quartz bottle uses a proprietary UV-C LED light. It’s made of stainless steel but it actually looks really good with some subtle pastel colours on the outside. It is double walled and vacuum sealed to keep your water icy cold for 24 hours or steaming hot for 12 hours.

Preorders are now available through Indiegogo.com for $99.99USD.