FOXTEL have a fantastic iPhone application which allows you to search the program guide, browse channels, set reminders and – if you are  a foxtel user – even set programs to record remotely even when you are no-where near your Foxtel box!

It’s such a handy thing if you have Foxtel IQ and suddenly remember that show you wanted to watch but forgot to record! With the iPhone app you can ‘hit record’ no matter where you are.

At the same time, Foxtel have a fantastic website version of their Guide, which also – if logged in – allowed you to record programs from any internet connected PC.

Today, FOXTEL announced an extension of that app/site… read on for more information

Using Microsoft IE 8 and the silverlight platform (like Flash, but not), Foxtel have made available a ‘desktop gadget’ – Gadgets never really took off on Windows machines – there was a big push for them many years back, but it just didn’t happen.

This ‘Gadget’ is almost a twin sibling to the iPhone app, just on your PC.

FOXTEL Gadget - Browsing EPG

You go to – Install the ‘gadget’ and then the gadget can launch whenever you start windows.  It shows on your task bar as a separate application, so you can switch too it easily, and once logged in, recording programs is easy.

FOXTEL Gadget - Setting to Record

FOXTEL Gadget - Choose the IQ Box to record to

I at first wondered why? Why bother? The website is great!  But then I realised, the Website is great for ‘any PC you are on’.  The Gadget though will be great when installed on your regular PC.  At work or at home, quick, easy access to the guide and your IQ record function, without going to the website, logging in, browsing etc.

FOXTEL Gadget - Set to Record!

It’s a winner in my book, if you’ve got Foxtel IQ – make sure you get the Foxtel Gadget on your desktop!

FOXTEL Gadget - Search page


Only one problem – The App – Sorry, Gadget – Needs a ‘minimise to system tray’ option – because I want the reminders, but I don’t want it open in my task bar ALL the time!

What do you think?