Yesterday, a new player launched in the Mobile market, but not for handsets, and not with a new network, just a new way of charging you to make calls.

It’s in essence a back to basics approach.  You Pay only for the Calls, Texts and Data you use, and the rates are simple to follow, tracking your usage is all done online.

So, what’s it all about – check out the story I appeared in on A Current Affair for more details.

Essentially, Amaysim offers this service using the Optus Network and their own back end billing/setup process.  Is it for you?  Some thoughts below – click continue readingI can see this working very well for low end users of mobile phones.  If you make a lot of calls, send a lot of texts or use a lot of data, you are likely to find a great cap somewhere in the market, but you will have to take some time out to shop around, ring around.

If you make calls now and then, send a few or a lot of texts and get your email on and off, I think there will certainly be some value in Amaysim.  Just remember, always check your usage, always compare your usage to available plans, and remember too – you don’t HAVE to sign up for a 2 year plan with other Telcos.  You can go month to month easily.  The reason most people go on contracts is to get a new phone – I mean we’re not realy used to shelling out $500-$1000 for a phone are we! that’s going to be the tough one to break in the market.

I’ll watch this one with interest as it grows.