It could be a case of that’s not a Washing Machine – THIS is a Washing Machine, and at the top end this new Samsung FlexWash washing machine certainly has what it takes to stand up and be seen.

Firstly, it’s two washing machines in one. Not a new concept, LG have a similar machine, but with 16kg washing capacity in the main barrel and an additional 2.5kg top loader there really is a lot of flexibility in the Samsung FlexWash.

You might wonder why you need that, but imagine stuffing 16kg of the regular wash into the main machine, then throwing the kids uniforms in the top, or your socks and jocks. Both loads done simultaneously so you aren’t waiting around.

“FlexWash® combines the benefits of having two separate washing machines with both a front and top loader in a beautiful all-in-one design. It will help Australian households manage their separate laundry loads and help save them time with the ability to run two wash cycles at the same time.” said Jeremy Senior, Director, Home Appliances Samsung Electronics Australia.

And it’s a smart one too – WiFi control means you can use your smartphone to check in on the wash, top start and change cycles all with your phone!

Start saving though, at $3,499 it’s not your average washer price – but it’s going to be a big change in your lifestyle when it comes to time you spend in the laundry.