GQ Australia has published its 50 most stylish men list online. It’s a mix of Australian and international stars from fashion, politics, entertainment, sport and, well, life. There are a few surprises along the way and a not so surprising number one.

We won’t ruin it for you or for GQ by revealing the number one right here, so if that’s all you came for, feel free to head straight for the link to the top 50 below. Rather, we wanted to highlight a few surprises and commend a few inclusions. Bob Hawke, for example. Who the hell knew the old guy could be so stylish? Maybe he’s not, but GQ has managed to find the one picture of him that could see him parading down the runway during Sydney Fashion Week.

Then there is the inclusion of Alain de Botton. Not even GQ managed to find a stylish picture of the famous philosopher. Perhaps style is something that transcends looks? According to GQ, “He founded The School of Life to give people direction and wisdom to live positive, fulfilled lives.” Sounds good enough for us, but then again, we’re not the most outwardly stylish either.

Andrew Garfield, the new Spiderman, also makes it in. This one we certainly agree with. Good hair, that Garfield chap. And just the right figure to play Spiderman. Better than Toby Maguire? Arguably it was the story telling in Spiderman 2 and 3 that let Maguire down rather than his acting.

The first of the Silicon Valley crowd to make it in is Sean Parker. We think he looks better when he is Justin Timberlake, but to be fair, most men would look better if they were Justin Timberlake. It’s good to see the stereotypical ‘nerd’ title finally be redefined by some stylish gents. It’s not only Parker that is stepping up to the crease, his Twitter mate Jack Dorsey has also made it in, perhaps with an even better suit.

A tip of the hat to Tony Jones as well. Moderator of ABC’s Q&A programme, he gets right in the middle of the fracas that is young people and politics, coming up with some seriously slick comments and an equally impressive dress sense. Good on you ABC wardrobe.

Final mention goes to Bear Grylls. If you can pull off style and warm up with the insides of a dead animal, Star Wars style, you have our tick of approval.

Web: GQ