Oh My, productivity from this point on a Mac will be reduced to nothing – Angry Birds is now available on your iMac, Macbook and Macbook Pro, Air etc etc… Apple tonight launched the less than highly anticipated Mac App Store, and it’s everything you’d expect – but more addictive.

When I realised it was coming, I could foresee utilities, like pages, iLife and such being there, but I never expected $1.19 games, or $5.99 games.  Within 5 minutes I have downloaded Angry Birds, Chopper 2, Flight Control and the Free Solitare apps.

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And to say that Angry Birds is just as good on a Mac as an iPad is spot on, possibly better, better sound, bigger screen, and the mouse gestures are natural – the pointer is even a little hand.

Apple have opened another new revenue stream here, and it will work.  I’m already tossing up buying Money 3 which is just under $50, but how easy – click, buy, download, play/run – this is the future of software.

Exciting times – what do you think? Will you use it much?

Loads of screengrabs below.