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We all dream of being fit and healthy and most of us set goals on New Years Day to make it happen. Many fail. Six years ago, this EFTM writer made a commitment to lose 20 kilos and did. It was hard but with some real perseverance hit their goal and is still working to improve. It’s an ongoing journey.

Below are three tips sourced from an expert. They’re many tips that I followed and continue to do so each day.

American author Jodi Picoult once said “The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan”.

Cato Rutherford (pictured) from Lift Performance Centre has three real tips to help you achieve your fitness goals and stick to the plan.

1. Live Vicariously Through the Success of Others

Ever seen a before and after photo and dreamt it was you? It certainly motivates us.

“Find a transformation story that resonates with you and explore how they achieved their success” Cato explains. A great source of this inspiration can be found online but also in Men’s Health each month where they do a focus story on a reader who has completed the transformation.

EFTM also recommends finding some people on a fitness journey and following them on Instagram and Twitter to follow their progress and motivate one another.


2. The Path of Least Resistance

January in the gym is always packed, every dreamer turns up with lots of willpower but come February, they’re gone. Unfortunately, willpower alone will only get you so far.

Cato recommends “simple adjustments like sleeping in your exercise gear with your sneakers next to your bed”. It is one less thing to do when you wake up and can be difference between getting out of bed to “get changed for work than simply going to the gym”.

In the food category keep the house clean! “If you house is full of treats like ice cream, chocolate and alcohol, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to stay on track” Cato adds. Out of sight, out of mind.


3. Don’t go it alone

Many try and go through this journey alone. This is fine but receiving guidance and having a training buddy is extremely valuable. It will keep you honest and you’ll motivate each other to do more. If your friends are not playing ball then consider a personal trainer or coach.

“Think of your body as a car and assess how much time and effort would go into fixing it up yourself as opposed to hiring a mechanic” Cato says. “A fitness coach works the same way”.


Now, get out there and make it happen! If you have any other fitness/health tips, leave them below!