I read with interest a blog on the Logitech site today by Carrie Huang // Global Product Marketing Manager, Control Devices about a new product – the ‘Couch Mouse’ – M515.

Well, a few years ago, you’d think this was lunacy – but in reality – it’s the ideal product for today’s smart home.

Imagine controlling your Computer on your TV screen from the couch – not the initial intent.. but stick with me here..

Click Continue Reading for more….Over recent months, I’ve been amazed by the number of people calling my Podcast or emailing me about solutions be able to use wireless to displaying their laptop screen on their TV.

My initial response was almost always Netgear’s Push2TV which uses Intel’s WideEye technology to make your TV another screen for your laptop. This is in fact, ideal.  However, it’s only available in a small number of laptops – so it’s not yet for everyone.

If you do choose the Push2TV route, this mouse will be great too – because you can roll it across your lounge or bedspread and not have any issues.

However, here’s where I think this is pure genius.

If you have a laptop with a video out capability – SVIDEO, HDMI or just a monitor out and your TV accepts this – sit your laptop next to the TV, run a cable so the TV is your big laptop screen.

Now, get a Wireless keyboard, and THIS mouse, and bingo, you’re on the other side of the room, looking at your PC, but controlling it from the comfort of the lounge.  Simple!

Logitech Couch Mouse

Logitech Couch Mouse

The ‘Couch Mouse’ has a sealed bottom to prevent the sensor picking up lint and dust from the couch or bedspread – so its made for the job. Plus, it has a new fangled sensor which ‘knows’ when your hand is on/near and is only ‘awake’ at those times – great for battery life.

Nice one Logitech.