The Samsung Family Hub fridge is the most high-tech kitchen appliance you can get, and the company has just announced the latest version – Family Hub 6.0.

The 6.0 actually refers to the software version for the touch-screen computer on the front door of the Fridge. Anyone with the second generation fridge, running version 5.0 will get the new 6.0 update soon, but the real deal here is the all-new Fridge itself, the 9000 series which is going on sale in Australia.

“As the first smart refrigerator in Australia, the sixth iteration of the Family Hub™ is built to keep families more closely connected at home. Favourite smart features such as Family Board and View Inside continue to evolve so Aussie families can stay organised“, said Andrew Wand, Director Home Appliances, Samsung Australia.

“Building on the Family Hub™ variety of smart features, the Samsung Family Hub™ 6.0 now includes the all new Beverage Centre which allows you to always have cold fresh water on hand, simplifying the act of entertaining from home for Aussies,” continued Mr Wand.

This generation feature a full french door approach, with doors for both the fridge and freezer, but the standout feature is the in-door beverage centre.

Instead of having the water dispenser and Ice dispenser on the front of the fridge, this generation Family Hub has a door-in-door feature on the left hand door of the fridge area.

A small handle in the middle of the door opens the cover, exposing only the water dispenser, an always-full cold water jug, and a couple of easy access shelves.

It’s a sleek, stylish and clean look to your kitchen, all covered in a fingerprint resistant finish.

The 9000 Series Samsung Family Hub French Door fridge is available now, with two models, the 9700 for $5,999 and the 9300 for $4,999.