Over time Your Tech Life collects a bit too much Technology! – How is that possible! Well, be it a review unit that we’re able to keep, or a product donated as a prize that goes unclaimed or unused – it does pile up.

Rather than just giving it away, I thought a nice way to help that little bit more might be through a simple Auction.

I’ve listed a stack of items here on this page which you can bid on – with all the proceeds going toward buying great technology to better the lives of special needs children.

What will I do with the proceeds? 100% of the proceeds will be used to buy technology to improve the lives of special needs children. Be it an iPad 2, or another fantastic piece of technology, I’ll work with organisations who help Special Needs children – such as Autism Australia or The Cerebral Palsy Alliance to find the best and most needed piece of technology.

All funds after shipping costs will go directly toward that goal – I’ll publish details here, in my newsletter and on the weekly podcast.

Bidding is easy, just follow the links below to the eBay listings and you’re off!