We all know Android is the Operating System of the future when it comes to Mobile Phones.  It’s truly a three horse race now, with Apple iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Android.  Don’t expect the race to suffer any casualties, there is a place in this global market for all three.

However, the issue with Android phones of late is they are all much the same, so it’s hard to get excited about them – in fact, I’ve probably reviewed a dozen phones I’ve not written up here just because there is only so much you can say about Android!

So, this week, when Telstra and Motorola announced the availability of the ATRIX from June 7 it wasn’t an announcement I got too excited about.  Until I saw the range of accessories and applications for the phone..

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First up, the ATRIX has a Dual Core processor – that means some real power and speed in the device.  Think of this, a Dual Core processor, 1GB Ram – this is seriously a computer in your hand!

Then, another feature to set it apart – Fingerprint reader – a simple swipe and the phone turns on! Totally secure, a great option in the Corporate/Enterprise environment.

The phone really is fast, smooth and one of the better Android phones out there by any measure.

Outright the phone is $840 – but you’ll pick it up on a 24 month plan at $79 or so.

But I think its the accessories that make you want to grab the ATRIX.

  • Lapdock – $449 RRP
    • This is fantastic.  It’s a laptop, with no ‘computer’ power.  A keyboard and screen only.  However, dock the ATRIX in the back and you’re running in a great computing environment.  Sure it’s not Windows, or Mac OS, it’s Android, however it features a full firefox browser so your web experience is 100%.  It’s a fantastic concept, which, I admit does not appeal to everyone.  Especially at this price – you could buy a netbook! However the screen size and keyboard size are full, so the experience is much better.  It’s certainly not for everyone, but does demonstrate some great thinking from Motorola
  • HD Multimedia Dock and BT Remote – $129 RRP
    • A dock for your phone? Easy.  HDMI out, and USB – Tick.  This becomes a great way to browse and view your media content, photos videos and music perhaps on your big screen TV.  Works a treat and if you’re someone who carries a lot of media around with you – TICK!
  • Standard Dock – $59 RRP
    • Keep it simple, charge the device and a great bedside clock/alarm option.
  • Active Car Dock with Car Charger – $69 RRP
    • Again, a Motorola accessory meaning its suited to fit – but it’s not just a cradle for the phone.  The phone when in the dock becomes easier to use – simple buttons big buttons just like a stand alone sat nav unit.  Another great option!
  • Bluetooth Keyboard – $79 RRP (also compatible with the Motorola XOOM)
    • Perfect for when you dock the ATRIX for the big screen, here’s how you make control a whole lot easier

As I’ve said – Android is great, lets not debate that – available June 7 the Atrix will be a desired item for the Android fans.

This is by far and away one of the top 2 or 3 Android phones available in Australia today, and when you’re trying to find something to set them apart, remember this – the ATRIX is POWERFUL, which means fast, and smooth.

If you’re looking for genuine performance and great accessories – check out the Atrix!