I read with interest this morning the story in the Telegraph suggesting the Federal Government was looking to give a free set top box to all pensioners to assist them with the switch over to Digital TV.

What a great idea! – and added to that, the story also indicates the government will include in that assistance the installation and a lesson on equipment use.  Again, Great idea!

However, what are the potential pit-falls of this scheme – click Continue Reading my complete thoughts..

So, what could possibly go wrong?  Well, the pink batt installation scheme also sounded like a great idea, until reality showed a whole stack of new – unskilled installers hitting the market and performing dodgy installations which we are still paying to have cleaned up today.

When the federal budget is handed down this week, I’ll be diving into the detail to see how they plan to prevent a similar sort of rip off / rorting going on.

Almost anyone can install a Set Top Box.  Almost anyone can talk someone though how they use the new gear. How will the government control this, ensuring that only trustworthy and accredited people can perform these installations?

To take the concern to the extreme, we’re talking about not just getting into the roof of the customers home, but spending time in their lounge room, seeing a lot more about the inside of the home and it’s features – not a place we need people who can’t be trusted.

Also, the cost of the scheme needs to be closely controlled – if it’s $300million – make that a cap, or like so many other schemes the cost will blow right out.

I’m all for this, bringing as many people into the digital age as possible, however, the potential for poor quality set top boxes, and dodgy installers is as high as it was with the Pink Batt Insulations scheme – We can only assume the government has learned its lesson on this one.