Last night I got a look at some hot new gear for gamers from renowned sound experts Sennheiser. The X 320 and X 2 are XBOX headsets, designed for use with XBOX LIVE.

The top in the range, the X 320 features Sennheiser stereo sound, a noise cancelling microphone to make sure it’s your voice your competitors are hearing and not all the sound in your games room, a dual volume control allowing you to adjust the game audio or voice of competitors, bass boost and a fantastically simple mute option – activated by simply flicking your microphone up to the headset.

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Sennheiser X 320

That might sound like a simple feature, however when you think about someone walking in while you are gaming, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to just flick the microphone up to chat to the person interrupting your game while not distracting your competitors.

The X 2 is a single sided headset designed to provide some Sennheiser quality to the low cost headset market, it also features a noise cancelling microphone..

The X320 weighs 280 grams, the X 2 54 grams and both come with a two year international warranty.

at $179.95 the X 320 is a pricey option but should give you amazing quality, while the X 2 is just $39.95.

Available this month worldwide, both are also cable connected with no wireless option available.