With Digital Radio sets numbering many more than the handful we knew only a few years ago it is proving difficult for manufacturers to set themselves apart from the rest on the store shelf.

Tangent is yet another new name in audio for Australians, and it comes with something we are seeing more and more of – Danish design and quality sound.

There are various models available, one that took my eye this week is the DAB 2go.

Looks like many more radios on the market, small form factor, single speaker, small screen and a handle on top.. so what makes this one a bit different?

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Tangent Dab 2go - Apple Green

So the first thing that sets this apart is the price – $399 – wow, you can get a full WiFi internet radio for that, so that’s a price to pay for what are cool features, but perhaps not $399 cool.

Leaving that aside, the radio comes in multiple colours – white, black, red, green, blue and a brown wood grain.  That’s excellent, because choice is what consumers want.

Next feature you’ll be surprised by is the ‘record out’ – that’s a true ‘line out’ feed, as opposed to the Headphone out socket which is still there.

For FM it has RDS, plus it has an Alarm clock with Snooze, auto tune and more.

You can run it from AA Batteries or plugged into the wall, and the option to charge the batteries via USB!

At  398 x 272 x 166 mm weighing around 2kg it’s a bulky device – however, there is one more feature that to me is a first. Ever wanted to hang your radio off the wall? either in the Kitchen, Lounge, or perhaps out on the balcony.  The Tangent 2go comes with a simple metal strip which can be secured to your wall, and when you fold down the handle of the unit you can hang it in that strip.  Just genius!

This is a top quality radio, great sound, but it comes at a price.

Check it out!