To anyone who has seen one before, an Apple Store opening is an Apple Store opening, lots of shouting, screaming, running, chanting and generally over the top behaviour by an inordinate number of people wearing Blue Apple shirts – but that’s the whole point, its fun!

Following Sydney, Bondi, Chatswood, Castle Towers and Penrith just in the Sydney Metro area, Hornsby Westfield got it’s own Apple store today at 10am.

It’s my local, so of course, I popped along for a look.

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10 minutes until Opening - Big Crowds

The Hornsby store has a wide frontage, and is located on the middle level of Hornsby Westfield, upstairs from Woolworths and just down the escalators from JB Hi-Fi.  Deeper than Castle Towers byt perahaps not as wide, it’s certainly a good sized store.

At 9am, the open area outside the store was packed with people snaked along like they were queueing for airport security, and by 10am, the line went right down the length of that western wing of the shopping centre.

There was the usual countdown and run around high-fiving by the employees 10 minutes out, and then the big moment came, and one over excited man first in queue (who had been on a facetime call to someone for most of the last 20 mins) dropped his head and ran into the store for his own personal honour guard of high fives.

People were let in, in dribs and drabs following that, with each of them getting that signature Apple Store opening T-Shirt.

It’s a great retail environment, and it adds a lot to the Hornsby shopping area – Get your genius appointments booked in now!

Oh, and if you’ve got an iPhone, grab the Apple Store APP – which will allow you to jump into the queue while you are in store and it will prompt you when you’re ready!