Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Australia thanks to the introduction of good cycleways in and around the major cities. But there is still a big ‘us’ and ‘them’ divide between motorists and cyclists. We can’t fix that – yet – but for those motorists who are thinking of crossing over but can’t stand the lycra, sunnies and Tour de France look, then check out Mojo Bike. They are adding a bit personality to the two wheeled movers.

Mojo Bike is an Australian company that offers completely customiseable bicycles. You have four types to choose from; the Speed Racer, Urban, Dutchie and Mixie will all suit different types of riders but each one offers you a range of custom options (some more so than others). For example, most men would probably go for the Urban. It’s the best all-round option for general commutes. Pick this, and you can change the colours of the frame, seat, grip, chain, tyres, crank and handle bars. Plus there are also special options. You can have a completely wacky colour combination or go for something a bit more low key and casual. Special options include chrome frames and unique handle bar designs.

Not all of the Mojo Bike range has this array of options but each will have enough to ensure you have a pretty unique bicycle in your garage. When you consider that they start at $399 including delivery, and most of the styling changes can be made free of charge, it makes you really want to get on your bike.

Price: From $399 inc. delivery
Web: Mojo Bike