We can admire all the latest technology in all the latest smartwatches from Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, and others, but there’s something special about a traditional watch. Despite the complex name, the Casio G-Shock MTGB1000VL is something special.

In true G-Shock style this is a rugged watch, made to outlast whatever you can throw at it.

But it’s also from the Casio G-Shock connected range, so it uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone for time updates and timezone changes.

What really stands out though is the design here.

Colours at every angle, this design is inspired by Volcanic Lightning, with a multi-coloured face, bezel and even band.

No word yet on Australian availability or price, but no doubt G-Shock fans will be searching the world for stock of what will be a limited edition G-Shock.