When we say “average punter”, we mean extremely rich person who already owns a Ferrari road car. If you fit this description then YOU could purchase one of the very limited Ferrari F1 simulators for a mere €300,000, which at time of writing was closing up on the $400,000 mark.

Before you go to pull out your credit card at least let us explain why you should spend your overwhelmingly large savings on a simulator instead of an actual Ferrari.

Firstly, these simulators are the real deal. They are the same variety the real Ferrari F1 team uses to train its drivers, you know, that Spanish chap, Alonso something – might have won a World Championship or two. They are made by All in Sport, a company run by former Ferrari and Red Bull genius Anton Stipinovitch. These simulators aren’t like a blast around a track in Codemaster’s F1 2010. They realistically depict downforce and tyre wear just like the real cars. And they move like the real cars too to give you a similar feeling to driving a real car. Where they fall short is G force. By using full electric rams a simulator can quiet accurately depict the real forces, but this one only has mini actuators which don’t give the full sense, so you’ll have to pass out going around a corner in your own time.

By purchasing one of these you will be in rather exclusive company. Shell owns one and brings it around the world for people to experience. But private buyers such as Ralph Lauren and Jay Kay are also tearing around in these real Ferrari monocoques with surround monitors and real Ferrari F1 steering wheels.

Story via James Allen on F1