New Nespresso Capsules Go Back to the Roots

Nespresso has launched two new limited edition coffee capsules which not only look sensational in their packaging but the flavours promise to impress you also.

Nespresso looked to the unique birthplaces of the Arabica bean and Robusta bean to develop the new coffees. Australian coffee lovers can enjoy a journey of discovery to the beans origins, with Arabica
Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda taking inspiration from the myths of where coffee originates. Featuring coffees from Ethiopia, which is the birthplace of Arabica coffee and Uganda, one of the alleged birth places of Robusta coffee, the pair include Nespresso’s first 100% Robusta coffee offering.

The two new Nespresso releases are Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda. The new Nespresso Arabica Ethiopia Harrar Limited Edition coffee is created from 100% Arabica beans with notes of ripe fruits and fresh flowers it boasts a remarkably velvety body. With an intensity of 6, Arabica Ethiopia Harrar can be enjoyed as an Espresso or a Lungo.

The Nespresso Robusta Uganda Limited Edition coffee has been inspired by its traditional history, made from 100% Robusta beans strongly roasted to develop rich cacao notes. With an intensity of 10, and enjoyed either as an Espresso or a Lungo, the coffee is surprisingly sweet and intense.

These new Limited Edition coffees are available from now from Nespresso Boutiques, through the Nespresso Club at 1800 623 033 and online at They’ll set you back $9.50 for a sleeve of 10 capsules.

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