This is a tipping point for electric mobility – Aldi is selling an Electric Bike, and as you’d expect from an Aldi “Special Buy” it’s a solid price too.

Before now I thought $1999 was a cracking price for an Electric Bike, especially given the first one I tried a few years ago was upward of $7,000.

$999 – yep, under $1000 is the price for an Electric Bike, perfect for the local ride, or the commute.

No, it’s no mountain bike, or lycra suited weekender – this is an A to B kinda ride.

There are two variants, one with a step-through frame, the other more classic.

Tough thing to consider buying something this kinda item at Aldi, does it ride well, feel ok, hard to use? You’re walking out of a supermarket with a bike – strange. Fortunately, there’s a 60 day return policy. Sorted.

So, we’ve put one to the test. Nothing rigorous – simply how hard is it to use, and why would you want it?

The 374Wh battery will offer 50km of riding on a single charge when you take advantage of the battery fully.

This is not a scooter or a motorbike. An E-Bike still needs to be pedal-powered. There’s no throttle to squeeze and get going.

With a Shimano 7 Speed shifter on board as a standard bike it’s great. Heavy because of the battery, but easy to ride and the gear changes are smooth.

Flick the switch (And you do literally need to do that, the rear mounted battery pack has a main power switch that must be on to power the handle-bar mounted control unit), and you’re ready to tackle the ride with a whole lot more ease.

Our office is up a long driveawy, uphill. In “normal” bike mode, I had to drop this down to first gear and throw some effort at the ride to get up to the office at 8km an hour.

On the second attempt, with the electric assistance up at 5 (the maximum), I was in 6th gear, pedalling with ease at 15km an hour.

You should be right for 25km an hour if you dare, and with a 50km range you will get to the office with no problem.

Because the battery is removable, you can recharge at work if your commute uses up more than half the available battery.

On the little computer screen on the left side of the handle-bar is a simple display of speed, trip information, battery charge level, and electric assistance level. All you really need frankly.

If you have a mobile phone mount for the handlebars, you can even charge your phone using the USB port there too.

The seat is easily adjustable with a flip lever no tools required, and the bike comes fitted with front and rear lights.

It’s pretty epic value when you take it all in.

Oh, and that rear-mounted battery sits under a rack where you can put your bag – or huge JBL speaker – and keep it strapped down with the included three straps.

It’s well built, rides easy – and is a great solution for those looking to cut their car usage down, for the run to the shops, or their journey to the train station.

On Sale as an Aldi Special Buy on December 14 – you’re going to have to queue for this one – they’ll sell fast.