Australia is going through a golden age of flight at the moment. While Qantas may not think so with its current struggles, Australians have rarely seen more carrier choice in the market. With Virgin Blue recently re-branding to Virgin Australia and the launch of Air Australia (formerly Strategic Airlines) as an international airline, Qantas will be looking over its shoulders. One part of the business that has always been successful for Qantas is its Frequent Flyer program. But Virgin Australia wants a larger part of that too and is acting rather than talking.

Right now, and we mean RIGHT NOW, you can apply to have your airline miles program status matched by Virgin Australia. For most that will mean matching your Qantas Frequent Flyer status. It’s pretty straight forward, if you’re a Gold member, you get Gold status with Virgin Australia’s Velocity program. Silver gets Silver and we won’t insult your intelligence with the rest of it. There’s nothing better for a man than to kick back in a lounge prior to a flight. It’s akin to the old school men’s club… just with women as well… and at an airport.

It’s not just Qantas Frequent Flyers that benefit though, Virgin Australia will status match with anyone bar those that they collaborate with in terms of air mile programs – that would be Singapore Airlines, Delta and Air New Zealand members, among others. But that would be because, through the partnerships, you already have access to the same perks.

There are two ways you can apply for the status match. Either rock up at one of the stalls at Westfield Shopping Centre in Sydney’s CBD and do it on the spot, or head to the Velocity website and apply. But do it soon, Virgin Australia will only be matching a limited number of memberships and the promotion has already been running for a week at least.