If you haven’t noticed, candles are all the rage lately. People on Facebook are starting their own businesses to make them, different scents are continually appearing, more wicks than ever and the majority are perfect for the feminine kind. Herein lies the problem for blokes who are ok with lighting up the night but would prefer to maintain a room that doesn’t smell like a florist. 

We’ve recently heard about Sydney Fragrance, an Australian owned company, who have a range of candles called the Scent of Australia. These scents are far reaching including one named Sunrise, inspired by a Bondi Sunrise and Heartland, inspired by the outback. The one we were most interested in though was Alpha, inspired by Australian men.

Alpha is the candle that will suit your man cave or bachelor pad. It has a great scent reminiscent of cedarwood, amber and grapefruit. Alpha runs two wicks and has a nice black wooden top. We’ve learned that the top has a second use too, when you’re done with the candle burning just pop the lid on, no need to blow the flames out. On the box you’ll also find recommendations to keep the wicks short which tames the flames. This $40 candle will also last for 80 hours, basically burning an eternal flame.

If you’re having company over one night, this is the sort of candle you’ll want to be lighting not just when they arrive but well before. Candles are awesome for removing that funk in the air and also seriously good at destroying that odour after spending quality time on the throne. No one needs to smell that and your company will prefer the beautiful Alpha scent, it might be the advantage you need.