I hate shaving. It takes too much time, leaves my skin all sensitive covered in a horrible rash. But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys having a stubble-free face enough to spend lots of money on it, the Power Shave Collection from Art of Shaving is for you.

Featuring a brush made from the finest badger hair with powered oscillations that supposedly lift the facial hair and creates a rich lather, Art of shaving claims it “enhances” the shaving experience.

Alongside the brush is a powered razor, with a built in LED light that fades from blue to white as you use it, so you know when to swap the blades. It also features a spotlight to help show off patches of hair you may have missed, all while the razor gently oscillates to get to the bottom of every follicle.

Completing the set is a customisable stand, hand crafted in polished chrome and with spots to hold both the brush and the razor.

For the lot, Art of Shaving is asking for $US400. As I said, you’d need to love shaving a lot to buy this…

Price: $US400
Web: Art of Shaving
Via: Uncrate\