Look out Volkswagen Polo GTi owners, you’re about to become seriously, seriously jealous. The Audi RS1 is in the works.
Some of you have been put on waiting lists for the Polo GTi for up to a year. In a years time it could be perilously close to the launch of the Audi RS1, the hot hatch to end all hot hatches. Spy shots obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald have revealed an A1 with the famed Audi RS bade on it and a massive rear wing doing laps around the Nurburgring Nordeschleife in Germany.

The car is alleged to have up to 200kW of power from a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine with all four wheels driving. The SMH is predicting that the price tag will be around the $60,000 mark and that it could do the 0-100kmh dash in under five seconds.

Via: SMH

Picture via Autoblog