In an ideal world, we’d all have a dedicated man cave, and it would be laced with high-tech wonders from the future. But until that ideal world arrives, we have to make do as best we can. This new Bose Soundbar will go a long way in helping any man “make do”…

The Bose Soundbar Lifestyle 135 combines the tiny Bose soundbar with a Lifestyle media unit, hideaway subwoofer and iPod dock, plus a radio-frequency remote. The bass module and the media unit are connected wirelessly, which means that they can be conveniently hidden away from sight, so long as they can be plugged in to power.

But what makes the Bose solution most interesting is that if you don’t want to wall mount your TV, you can lay the speaker down on its back and it will automatically adjust the way it projects the sound to fill a room with audio, regardless of the fact the speakers are pointing towards the ceiling.

Sure, that sounds pretty far-fetched, but during a live demo last week, we got to check it out and the effect was suitably impressive.

Of course, as with anything Bose, you’ll be paying for the technology’s convenience, with the Lifestyle 135 coming with an RRP of $3,699. If that sounds too pricey for you and your man cave, the US company has also released a version without the media unit, which costs $2,199.

Price: $3,699
Web: Bose