Ahh, the late 90’s. Grand Theft Auto. Before it was about hookers and so much violence, it was a simple game – so simple you looked down on the world.

I loved it – drove around, stealing cars, taking them the docks and making money selling them.

Simple. I’m sure there was a higher plot or gameplay, but that’s what I did.

Grand Theft Auto is bringing it back – sortof.

In a new Tiny Racers edition, available in GTA V Online – you can race in that top down – tiny car mode again!

Holding the spirit of the classic GTA in mind, this birds-eye gaming is all about wheel to wheel racing – tracks, events, race to win. Not a story or challengers.

Careful though, your car might blow up – that’s what you have to avoid.

Fun stuff, but really, what I’d pay money for right now, is the original GTA. On iOS or Android. Man, that would be cool!