How many times have you ‘called a guy in’ to get something done at home, when perhaps you might have done it yourself?

This week, our dishwasher packed it in after 6 years of service.  Following the debate with the repairman that it frankly would cost more to replace than to get it fixed – I dragged it out to the council kerb-side clean-up which was conveniently on that same week.

Removing the beast was reasonably easy, unplug power, disconnect the drain pipe and disconnect the water pipe.

This simple removal got me thinking – why on earth did we pay someone to install it in the first place!

So, yesterday, when the new one arrived, I took a punt.  My Wife had already arranged for her father to come round that afternoon to install it, but I was confident that was overkill.

Unpacked and ready to push in, In reality this was one of the easiest things I’ve done around the house.  The main thing I did which helped was keep the cable clamp from the original washer – without that, the drain might not have been as effective.  With that tight, and the water source tight and turned on – I connected the power and put it through its paces.

Seriously, reconsider that technician call out – sometimes the simplest jobs are the ones we pay good money to get done!

Yes – I know i’m a simple man – but you can’t tell me you haven’t had one of those sort of ‘aha’ moments can you?

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