Becoming a Top Gear fiend just got a hell of a lot cheaper thanks to the release of the global BBC iPlayer. For just $89 a year you just got access to seasons 6-11.

I’ll be honest, ever since  Top Gear came to the Nine Network, I’ve been watching every episode I possibly can. Nothing against the SBS when they had it, I just couldn’t get reception where I lived. The bug caught on so bad I was thinking about buying the series on DVD. But there’s a few big problems with that. Each season costs $50, there are a hell of a lot of seasons, and barely anyone carries more than one or two seasons in-store. Thankfully BBC iPlayer has come to the rescue.

For those that don’t know, BBC iPlayer is like ABC iView – a whole heap of TV programs accessible via an iPad app or through the website. Watch what you want when you want, it’s simple. The difference is that you can get ABC iView for free, but for a whole heap of boring legal reasons, BBC couldn’t deliver its player to a global audience – until now. Sure, it costs either $10 per month or $89 per year, but it’s totally worth it. Do the maths, Top Gear 6-11 for just $89 each year? Yes, please. And don’t forget the host of other shows.

When you get over Top Gear, there are stacks of great shows like Little Britain, the Michael Palin travel docos, Dr Who and Jamie Oliver stuff, you know, where he cooks or something. Yeah, there’s heaps more, but to be honest I haven’t gone past watching Top Gear yet so can’t really tell you much more about it. Trust me though, it’s worth every cent.

Price: From $10

Web: iTunes