Long before Nathan Drake began searching for long lost archaeological artefacts in the Uncharted games for the Playstation 3, there was Indiana Jones. And now, thanks to the Japanese marketing campaign for the new Uncharted 3 game launching next month, Indiana Jones has given his stamp of approval to his virtual successor.

Harrison Ford, who made the Indiana Jones character an international icon in the 80s (alongside Han Solo in the Star Wars trilogy), has popped up recording a Japanese commercial for the upcoming blockbuster game. While the commercial itself is nothing special, the behind the scenes footage shows Ford playing the game and commenting on its intense action and mindblowing graphics.

While there’s little doubt that a large chunk of cash changed hands to get Ford to film the commercial, there’s something incredibly meta about getting the actor who played Indy to give his stamp of approval to a game with a lead character who probably never would have existed without the Indiana Jones films.

Via: Kotaku