There’s nothing like a bit of industrial action to stick it to the man. But sadly, as we’ve seen in the latest sorry Qantas saga, sticking to the man can often mean screwing over the little people too.

But the SMH has just reported on a bit of industrial action EFTM is happy to get behind – for no other reason than it will actually do the little people a favour.

In the midst of the Qantas furor, JetStar staff have decided they are going to strike as well. The Australian Services Union has announced that, due to unsatisfactory progress with an enterprise bargaining agreement, Friday will now be called “no weigh day”. For travelling passengers, this means that staff will not charge you for excess baggage for 24 hours. We’re guessing that if you rock up with three sets of golf clubs and a life-size inflatable Slash, you may still have issues, but otherwise you won’t pay a cent. Heading to the Gold Coast on the weekend? Don’t bother packing light!

The exact timing of the strike will be between 3:30am on Friday to 3:30am on Saturday, so get packing.


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