Certain segments of society like to shout to the media that video games are an evil pastime played by a youthful minority of corruptable minds. But as the most recent version of the Digital Australia report from Bond University discovered, nine out of ten Australian homes actually own a gaming device.

The study, conducted by Associate Professor at Bond University Dr Jeff Brand, is the fourth annual report into the Australian video games market. Unsurprisingly, the major findings of the study are that the average age of the Australian video gamer is up to 32 years old, while women make up 47 per cent of the gaming market.

What’s more, gaming has become a family affair, with 83 per cent of adults living with children under the age of 18 play computer games, and 88 per cent of those parents play with their children. The major reason for this communal gaming is education, according to the study.

Interesting to note is that the study took into account mobile phone gaming, and discovered that the majority of these gamers spend between 30 minutes to an hour playing mobile games every day, as a way to pass the time. Alternatively, only three per cent of gamers playing for more than five hours in a single sitting.

You can read more of the studies findings following the link below. In the meantime, tell us in comments how often you play video games.

Web: iGEA