The Holy Grail of video games is a game that offers unlimited choice; a game that lets you decide how you want to progress. And from the looks of it Dishonored is as close as the industry has come to date.

Playing as an elite bodyguard framed for murdering the beloved Empress of Dunwall, you become an assassin questing for vengeance against those who framed you. To make things interesting, you acquire supernatural powers from a powerful being known as The Outsider.

The beauty of the game though is in the mechanic. While it may look like many other first person games, Dishonored is unique in that you can progress through each challenge however you want to, be it scaling the rooftops and sneaking around, or leaving a trail of carnage behind you as you slaughter everything in sight.

The way you play will influence the game that plays out before you as well, while the addition of supernatural controls means there’s almost an infinite way of incapacitating your enemies.

to give you some idea of the variety of options on offer, Bethesda created this “Choose your own Adventure” interactive video below. It’s well worth playing around with if you have some time to kill before you go and pick up the game.

The game hits shelves today, and looks to be a firm contender for game of the year.