Aussies be prepared, the race is on to get you onto a new 12 or more likely 24 month contract if you’re keen on the latest iPhone.

The iPhone 4S goes on sale next week, and the telcos are all scrambling to release their pricing.

As usual, Telstra is last out of the box, although both Vodafone and Optus have gone for soft launches with pricing details released online alongside their pre-order pages.

Optus pricing is available here


And you can start digging for Vodafone’s here:

What do we know? Well, at Apple, you can buy the 4S from $799 (16Gb), up to $999 (64Gb).

With the telcos you can get it for nothing! As long as you sign up to a contract at a healthy Rate.

That Rate with Optus is $79 per month which will get you either the 16 or 32Gb 4S for $0 upfront.

With Vodafone you’ll be able to walk out with a 4S on the $59 cap plan.

So, it’s up to Telstra now to meet them or do better.

Full details when the dust settles, but for now, it looks like Vodafone is hyping the “New 850 network ready” nature of the 4S to get people back on board after recent network issues.