Do you use your mobile phone all the time? Even when you’re at your desk? Perhaps you should consider one of these handsets for your calls rather than the bluetooth wanker-phones?

Moshi Moshi Pop Retro Handset

Sure, you’re not going to go near the pink one with a ten foot barge pole, but stay with me here – I’ve long argued that the bluetooth earpieces are great for the car, but anywhere else you’re just going to get those “there goes a wanker” stares from across the room or across the road.

So, if you take calls on your mobile a lot while you’re at your desk, then perhaps one of these rather cool looking handsets might actually be of use.

Black, Silver, even Cammo style, surely these are ok for blokes to use?

You’re looking at anything from $50 depending on the colour (+$300 for gold!) and you can find out more at