If you like travelling and need to keep in touch but can’t be bothered searching for the best global SIM card deal ever, JetStar can give you one that’s OK and easy – perhaps not super cheap though.
It’s simple, next time you book a few airfares through JetStar, pick up a Global SIM cards as well. The Qantas offshoot has just launched the new product which is advertised on its website – and it all looks pretty simple (probably because we haven’t read through the inevitable pages of fine print). You can use it in all of JetStar’s destinations and up to 180 countries currently, it’s all prepaid, you can get voice and data, there is 24/7 customer support, and the best thing, you can answer calls for free in over 70 countries – including Japan and Vietnam.

Call and data rates vary completely depending on what country you’re in, but regardless, we would still advise you to keep far far away from the data stuff. Many countries cost over $10 per MB to receive data from and some, such as Macau, go up to just under $30.You’ll be cursing opening that joke jpeg your uncle sent you.

The JetStar Gloval SIM card is sold through GoSim and currently comes with $19.25 of call time on purchase. No excuse now not to call the significant other when you land in Bangkok on your boys holiday.

Price: $26.25
Web: JetStar Global SIM