Want a gym membership that comes with nothing other than entry to a good gym? Jetts Fitness has that one covered. No hard sells, no weird classes and no annoying staff.

Being fit has never been easier thanks to the sheer amount of gyms cropping up around Australia. But they usually come with a few severe annoyances that make joining seem like a sharp implement to the eyeball. Long contracts, negotiated membership fees, staff members that keep jumping on you to buy additionals, hours that don’t fit into your schedule and a whole bloody lot more. With the expansion of Jetts Fitness, those excuses for not joining a gym are becoming a thing of the past.

Having joined Jetts six months ago, I pay a flat fortnightly fee (plus a joining fee), get 24/7 access to my local Jetts, don’t get hassled by any trainers, don’t pay for any additionals and get access to a fully functional gym that caps the number of members each one is allowed to have. Sure, it’s not the biggest gym in the world, but outside of the peak lunch and after work hours it’s barely got more than three or four people in it.

The great thing about Jetts is that it’s a relatively new franchise business. Most of the gyms won’t be more than a year or two old. All the equipment is new and the facilities are fresh. Don’t like it? No worries, you don’t have a contract, you just pay every fortnight, so you can leave whenever you want.

If you’re the type of person that does need a bit of extra motivation, the staff there are often trainers themselves and you can sign up for personal training. Some of the gyms, including the one in Neutral Bay, are beginning to offer classes for additional fees, but they are simply advertised on the notice board rather than any direct marketing or annoying phone calls.

Finally, with one membership you can visit any Jetts gym – and they are located all around Australia and New Zealand. If anyone else knows some good, hassle free gyms, EFTM would be very keen to hear about them.

Price: From $17.95 per fortnight or $348 per year
Web: Jetts